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Joint Venture

A Joint Venture(JV) Opportunity

Over the years, I have worked with several small medium companies (SME) in Singapore, providing them with my marketing expertise in exchange for a stake in the profits. This process creates a win-win situation for the both of us as companies could achieve exponential growth in terms of profit and brand awareness by leveraging on my domain expertise in e-commerce, internet marketing as well as  web development and design.

So how we can work together to achieve success?

Is your company facing the following issues:

  1. Looking to expand your brand awareness on the internet?
  2. Having troubles directing quality leads to your website?
  3. Having difficulties converting leads into paying customers?
  4. Your brand can’t be found in any of the Search Engine (E.g. Google, Yahoo or Bing)?
  5. Building a community of awesome customers but lack the knowledge?
  6. The lists goes on…

If yes, you seriously need to schedule a time with me. Simply contact me via my contact form or email me at ngzidane at gmail dot com

Talk to you soon.

Huang Junwei, Zidane Ng


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