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Programming Tuition Singapore

DISCOVER the skills & techniques to score As & DISTINCTIONs in all your IT Modules!

Provides 1 to 1/small group home tuition service

Dear ITE/Polytechnic Students,

If you are looking for a private programming tutor to guide you through all your IT & PROGRAMMING modules in schools, you are in the RIGHT place!

I understand that you are facing tremendous STRESS when it comes to sharpening your programming skills as learning programming requires you to climb the steep learning curve. I was once an Information Technology(IT) Student like you, facing all kinds of difficulties when it comes to picking up programming skills such as java, java enterprise, .NET, C#, C++, PHP and etc. I was stun by complicated project & assignment scopes/requirements given by lecturers and struggles to complete schools computer programming assignments and projects when meeting deadlines.

Fortunately, I was able to motivate myself to work hard and also with the help of some of my lecturers and friends along the way, I was able to achieve fantastic results every semester. I got into director list consecutively every semester with a final GPA of 3.952. During my graduation, I came in 2nd in cohort and was awarded NCS Silver Medal, SCS Outstanding Project Work and Clayon Creativity Award by Nanyang Polytechnic.

You can find my credibility here

Currently, I’m a IT Professional with 5 years of experience and counting. I am a Graduate Computing Student from National University of Singapore and I’m very confident to say that whatever I have achieved in NYP and University, I’m able to guide you through step by step. I have numerous experience teaching and guiding several polytechnic and university students in programming related assignments and projects such as Java Entreprise Web Application in sending Emails and SMS notifications, Simple Game development in C#, Movie Booking Desktop Application in .NET and Java Standard Edition and etc.

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Here are the list of tuition courses I’m providing:

Programming Classes Type:

Project/Assignment Based Consultation

I’m able to provide any consultation & guidance for your school assignments and projects related to Information Technology. Try to consult me as early as possible, the later you look for me, the harder for me to help you score a better grade. Simply just contact me to find out more.

*Warning: I DON’T develop/code your project for you. I GUIDE you through them step-by-step. If you EXPECT me to code, outsource your projects to my friend, Thomas Anderson, He is more than willing to help you do your homework. I’m only interested in educating students who wants to learn!

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Testimonials from students

Student 1

Singapore Polytechnic (Sch of EEE)
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Year 3 Student (2013)

It has been a great privileged to have Jun Wei as my tutor. He has helped me a lot to improve technically in my Object Oriented Programming (Java), php and more. He has also greatly helped me in my Mini Project during the short given period of time and giving very clear and detailed explanation to help me understand. I would like to especially thank Jun Wei for all his support throughout the few weeks. It has been a truly wonderful opportunity this has been for me. Thank you so much. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in programming. APPRECIATED!

Student 2

Charmaine Song
Nanyang Polytechnic (DBT)
Diploma in Business Enterprise IT
Year 3 student (2013)
Junwei is a nice and extremely patient tutor who will takes his time to explain to you the programming related concept that you are having trouble with. He does’t mind explaining the same thing over and over again, just so that you would understand. He also encourages students to email/sms/call him if we do have any problems that we have related to our projects. . Junwei is the perfect candidate to go to if you need any programming related help, because he is well-equipped with programming knowledge and I’m sure that he will be able to guide you through any assignments and projects, like how he guide me through!

WhatsApp Testimonials from students:

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Price Plan:

As this is a Tertiary Level Tuition, I’m providing a very reasonable rate. Please do not call and negotiate the price, they are fixed. It’s all valued based on my 10-year experience in IT knowledge and teaching.

Level Tuition Type Price Hour Venue Remarks
Polytechnic/ITE 1 to 1 tuition $100 1.5 My Place (Hougang) Free Wifi & Drinks (Undivided Attention)
Polytechnic/ITE 1 to 1 tuition $150 1.5 Anywhere in Singapore Wifi is needed (Undivided Attention)
University 1 to 1 tuition $120 1.5 My Place (Hougang) Free Wifi & Drinks (Undivided Attention)
University 1 to 1 tuition $180 1.5 Anywhere in Singapore Wifi is needed (Undivided Attention)
Polytechnic/ITE Group tuition $80/person 1.5 My Place (Hougang) Free Wifi & Drinks
Polytechnic/ITE Group tuition $100/person 1.5 Anywhere in Singapore Wifi is needed

As I have a bad experience with students not paying me after the lesson, payment must be made before the start of every lesson. I provide both weekdays and weekends training too.


You may contact me @ 96971005 or email here.

Yours Sincerely,
Huang Junwei

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