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C++ Programming Tuition


C++ Programming Tuition Singapore

Build Strong C++ Foundation Today!

Providing 1 to 1 and small group C++ programming tuition.

Dear ITE/Polytechnic/University/C++ Students,

Are you experiencing difficulties with C++ programming language when it comes to your coursework, projects, assignment and examination? Or you are a passionate individual trying to learn a new programming language and needed some guidance?

My name is Junwei, I am a qualified and experienced tutor in the C++ programming language. I have taught more than 100 students per the past 6 years. Moreover, I have been a Senior System Analyst and IT Professional for many years and have developed and deployed many software for companies.

I will share with you my expertise and guide you through to prepare you for your examination including the C++ programming projects and exams.

Learning materials will also be provided if you are a complete new beginner. If you have school syllabus, we can also go with your chapters and topics. I have also collated many exam papers and practical over the past few years which will be helpful for your learning.

Under my guidance, You will be equipped with the right skills and techniques to take the examination with confidence and avoiding stress. I will ensure every lesson you will practice and absorb the knowledge needed to deal with your school Examination and Project.

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C++ Programming (Fundamental Lesson)

I’m provide you with the following tuition on C++ programming, here are some of the curriculum I will be covering:

  1. C++ Overview
    • We will be covering the standard libraries of C++, Object-Oriented Programming approach of C++ (such as Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance and Polymorphism) and ways to learn the C++ concept.
    • You will also be learning how to install a C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on your workstation computer.
  2. C++ Basic Syntax
    • This chapter you will learn the Program Structure of C++ and the compilation and execution of C++ program and understood some of important syntax required in every C++ Program.
    • You will also be learning how to document your C++ Program in the codes using the Program comments. This will assist you to remember what you have written in each single line of codes and ensuring that you can easily recall few months or years down the road when revisiting the codes.
  3. C++ Basic Components
    • These includes the C++ Data Type, Variables, String Literals, Constants, Operators, Enums, Typedef and many many. You will understand them by going through the examples I provide.
    • Over the years, I have developed a way that will assist you to easily obtain these knowledge and retain them in your mind.
  4. C++ Logic
    • A program is not useful without complex and useful business logic to drive it. You will be learning the fundamentals logic component that makes up every programming logic. These are the Decision Making (If-Else), Switch and Loops.
  5. C++ Functions
    • By learning how to write C++ functions, it will be easier for you to divide development work and test your functionalities.
    • You will also be learning how to write functions that will increase program readability and reuse-ability.
    • Overall, with my style of function topical training, you will become a much efficient programmer.
  6. C++ Array
    • Fundamental of Data Structure, by learning C++ array, you will be able to group similar data type variables together, allowing your program to store multiple values.
    • By understanding how array works, then you will be able to proceed to learn advance data structure such as Singly and Doubly Linked List.

The above will all be based on your progress, so if you already know some, we will simply skip those topics that are irrelevant.

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Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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