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C# Programming Tuition

Fundamentals of C# Programming all at your fingertips!

Provides 1 to 1 and small group programming tuition in Singapore.

C# Programming Tuition Singapore

Dear Frustrated Uni/Polytechnic/ITE student,

Are you having troubles trying to figure out how to accomplish you school projects or assignments? Understanding C# programming fundamentals can be an issue if you do not have any prior experience in the field of programming. You could end up spending lots of unnecessary time trying to debug your program.

I totally understand how it feels like to sit in front of your computer for long hours trying to compile and run your program solving both syntax error as well as logic errors. I was once a student like you chasing over project & assignment deadlines over my C# school work. It really feels STRESS & TERRIBLE!

But FEAR NOT! Because I’m here to help.

I’m offering Programming Tuition Service in Singapore. You can check out my price here:

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So what is Microsoft Visual C# anyway?

Microsoft Visual C# is a powerful & simple programming language aimed at developers who wants to create applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It inherits from the best features of C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic. The feature of this language includes Generics, Iterators, and anonymous methods as well as Language Integrated Query facility, or LINQ .The latest C# 4 .0, provides further enhancements that improve its interoperability with other languages and technologies. C# 4 .0 takes advantage of the .NET Framework 4. There are many additions to the .NET Framework in this release, but arguably the most significant are the classes and types that constitute the Task Parallel Library (TPL). The support for Web services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) has also been extended; programmers can now build services that follow the REST model as well as the more traditional SOAP scheme.

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Who should look for me?

My tuition assumes that you are any IT student who wants to learn the fundamentals of programming with C# by using Visual Studio 2010/2012 and the  .NET Framework version 4 .0 and above. In my tuition, you will learn the features of the C# language, and then use them to build applications running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. By the time you completed my teachings, you will have a thorough understanding of C# and will have used it to build Windows Presentation Foundation applications, access Microsoft SQL Server databases by using ADO .NET and LINQ, build responsive and scalable applications by using the TPL, and create REST and SOAP Web services by using WCF. 

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Sample C# Lesson Plan (Subject to customization for individual student):

Lesson 1

You will learn to create a new project, take different steps to create a simple program that displays a text-based greeting. Next, you will learn to create project on displaying greeting message in a window by using Windows Presentation Foundation.

Lesson 2

You will learn about the different Primitive Data Types. You will learn how to declare variables by using each of the primitive types, how to assign values to these variables, and how to display their values in a window as well as text based console. Next, you will be learning the application of Math arithmetic operators (+ – * / %) in programming environment.

Lesson 3

In this lesson, you will be learning Methods, you’ll re-examine the code in the previous project and investigate how it uses methods to structure the code. Next, I will also show you how to define a method that takes in optional parameters, and call the method by using named arguments.

Lesson 4

You will learn how to use a cascading if statement to implement complex logic, such as comparing the equivalence of two integer. Switch Statement will also be introduced and you will write a simple program which uses a switch statement to convert characters into String representations.

Lesson 5

You will learn the While Statement and I will demonstrates to you the application of while statement that reads the contents of a source file one line at a time and displays each line in a text box on a form. Do Statement will also be introduced to educate you the difference between do while and while loop.

To be continued…

Show me the Price rates and Contact details

Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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