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Database Management System (DBMS) Tuition Singapore

Database Concepts all at Your Fingertips!

Provides 1 to 1 and small group Database Management System (DMBS) tuition in Singapore.

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Dear Uni/Polytechnic/ITE student,

Are you having troubles understanding the concepts of database management? The topics taught in Database Management System can be confusing sometimes. You could end up spending lots of unnecessary time trying to trying to understand them.

I completely understand how it feels to be helpless. I was once a student like you try to figure out how to apply the concepts learned in Database Management System. I used more than 10 hours just trying to learn Structured Query Language(SQL). It is really STRESSFUL when exam periods are near! How I wish there’s someone who could guide me through back in those days.

But FEAR NOT! Because I’m here to help.

I’m offering Database Management System (DBMS) Tuition Service in Singapore. You can check out my price here:

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So what is Database Management System?


A Database is primarily a set of information designed in such a way that a computer application can quickly select desired pieces of data. It is a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.

There are various important concepts in this huge topic. Such as relational database management system, a type of database management system (DBMS) that stores data in the form of related tables. ERD, Entity Relational Diagram, the constructing of data model for describing the data or information aspects of a business domain. Structured Query Language, stands for SQL, is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS) and many more.

Show me the Price rates and Contact details

Who should look for me?

My tuition assumes that you are an IT student who wants to learn the concepts of Database Management System (DBMS). In my tuition, I will teach you the various important topics of DBMS. You will be learning the fundamental concepts of Database Management System, such as the characteristics of Database, the definition and application of Database Relational Model and the 3-tier Architecture of DBMS. I will also be teaching you how to construct Entity Relational Diagram (ER Diagram), the correct and effective way to do them. You will also be learning how to apply the correct relationship to the Entity in ER Diagram, such as the use of one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many and etc.

If you are interested in taking lessons with me, click on the following link below:

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An example of a lesson plan would look like this (Lesson Plan can be customized based on individual student needs):

Lesson 1: Basic concepts of DBMS – Understanding the definition of Database and DBMS. Have an overview of all concepts taught in this chapter.

Lesson 2: DMBS Architecture – Understanding 3 tier model and how to apply them.

Lesson 3: Entity-Relationship Model – Understanding the definition of each component in ER Model and what they represents. Entity and their attributes and the relationships among entities.

Lesson 4: Constructing ER Diagram – You will be taught how to construct an effective and accurate ER Diagram.

Lesson 5: The use of Basic Structure Query Language – SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

and Many More…

Show me the Price rates and Contact details

Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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