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.NET Programming Tuition

Complete all your .NET programming projects before deadline!

Providing 1 to 1/small group .net programming tuition

Dear Polytechnic/ITE Students,

Do you feel stress trying to complete your ASP.NET/VB.NET projects before your deadlines? Knowing that there’s so much to learn and given such a short time frame to complete your assignments. I know how it feels like, wishing that there’s someone to guide you complete your assignments and project. You can engage me for help, with an affordable charges per hourly: Price rates and Contact details

This will be basically some of the things I will be covering in a ASP.NET  or VB.NET Tuition:

ASP.Net Programming

For ASP.NET programming tuition, I will be teaching you ASP.NET, a free web framework for building great Web sites and Web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will also be learning how to apply MVC, Model-View-Controller architecture, a developer practice of enabling clean separation of concerns and code reusability within your web application. Other than that, you will also be taught ASP.NET Web Forms, which gives you the ability to create dynamic websites using drag-and-drop and event driven model.

VB.NET Programming

For VB.NET programming tuition, you will learn the fundamentals of VB.NET, the object oriented programming language. I will also be coaching you the various steps to develop an application using VB.Net, such as accessing data in VB Application, skills in debugging your VB Application, creating and using various components in Visual Basic and etc.


The above are just some of the general stuff I will be teaching you. It’s all based on your progress. If you have already know some of them, then I’ll skip to the others. If you are interested, check out this page: Price rates and Contact details


Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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