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PHP Programming Tuition


PHP Programming Tuition Singapore

PHP Programming Tuition Singapore

PHP Programming can be Easily Understood with my help!

Providing 1 to 1/Small Group PHP Programming Lesson.

Dear Polytechnic/ITE students,

Are you having trouble understand the syntax of PHP Programming? Are you hHaving issues trying to complete your PHP Programming Assignment? Do you always feel agitated not knowing how to debug your web application program? Is setting up your web server a little too complicated for you?

I was once a student who faced such problem during my poly years. I wish I had someone to turn to and ask for advice. But there wasn’t anyone…

FEAR NOT! I understand you pain and I’m here to help!

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PHP Programming Classes:

I’m providing private and group PHP Programming Classes, these are some of the topics that I will be covering. I will skip those that you have already knew, so don’t worry, it’s all based on your progress, no additional charges will be incurred as this is not a course, it’s a tuition.

This will be basically some of the things I’ll be teaching you:

The fundamentals of web programming, such as developing dynamic website using PHP. I will also be teaching you programming concepts such as variables, Echo/Print, Data Types, Loops, Arrays, String, Conditional statements. A Developer basic skills such as program testing, debugging, as well as the use of different types of IDE such as Netbeans, Sublime Text, Notepad++ and the deployment and configuration of web server will also be taught.

Once you understand the fundamentals of PHP programming, we will move on to PHP object-oriented programming concepts and advanced topics. I will be teaching you classes, objects, form handling, multi-array, PHP Date and Time, PHP include and File Upload. These skills are necessary for you to deal with your school assignments and projects.

Before you contact me, make sure you have the following prerequisite:

An understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Show me the Price rates and Contact details

Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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