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Scratch Programming Tuition

Scratch Programming Tuition

Scratch Programming Tuition Singapore

Provides 1 to 1/small group home tuition service

Dear Parents of Primary and Secondary School Students,

If you are looking for a private programming tutor to guide your child through all your Infocomm Related Studies in schools, you are in the RIGHT place!

I understand that you are facing tremendous STRESS when it comes to seeing your children learning infocomm related subjects such as scratch programming or flash but unable to help. These are new subjects introduced to primary and secondary school studies by our Ministry of Education (MOE). It is essential for them to learn such subjects as to prepare them for their future.

Scratch Programming Tuition Singapore

Fear not, i am here to offer my coaching services and experience to guide your child in their scratch programming related assignments and projects. I will coach them step-by-step and ensures that they master the skills they need to create a scratch program. Not only that, life skills such as problem solving, creativity and focus will also be imparted to them too.

Scratch Programming Curriculum

Scratch programming is designed to teach young children (ages 8 to 16) how to program by using creative stories, games and animation as a theme to learn programming. Students get to learn to code with Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by the MIT Media Lab, to give millions of young minds the ability to create and share their creative coding projects online. Students learn key info comm computer science concepts such as if-else, loops, events, operators and interactive sensors (sound, dialogue and etc.). Every students are encouraged and supported by me, a professionally trained instructors to build and design creative storyboard, games and multimedia.

Focus Learning

By ensuring a small class, every students will benefit from maximum attention from me. Every students are on their own pace, the lessons are totally cater to follow student learning ability.

90% Hands-on Experience and 10% Theory

I believe in hands-on experimental learning. First 10 to 15 mins are basic theories to get student to kick start their learning. Lessons are delivered in high energy and fun learning level.

About My Background

I am a graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic and National University of Singapore. Have more than 5 years of experience in the IT industry and coached more than 100 students thus far during the last 5 years. I started providing private tutoring services since 2011 till date.



I have coached many students thus far, here are some my testimonials from students and parents:


Singapore Polytechnic (Sch of EEE)
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Year 3 Student (2013)

It has been a great privileged to have Jun Wei as my tutor. He has helped me a lot to improve technically in my Object Oriented Programming (Java), php and more. He has also greatly helped me in my Mini Project during the short given period of time and giving very clear and detailed explanation to help me understand. I would like to especially thank Jun Wei for all his support throughout the few weeks. It has been a truly wonderful opportunity this has been for me. Thank you so much. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in programming. APPRECIATED!


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If you are interested, check out this page: Price rates and Contact details

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