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Windows Phone Programming Tuition

Windows Phone Programming Lessons in Singapore!

Provides 1 to 1 and small group Window Phone Programming Lessons in Singapore.

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Dear Uni/Polytechnic/ITE student,

Are you interested to learn Window Phone Programming? Or are you having difficulty trying to accomplish you school Windows Phone Projects or Assignments? Understanding Window Phone Programming concepts can be a challenge if you do not have the proper guidance. If you have no prior experience in the field of .NET programming such as C#, picking up the skills in Windows Programming can be tough! You could end up spending lots of unnecessary time trying to debug and test your program.

I totally understand how it feels like to sit in front of your computer for long hours trying to resolve both syntax error as well as logic errors. I was once a student like you trying to get through project & assignment deadlines. It was really STRESSFUL and TIRING! All the pressure that comes from project and assignment deadline can be scary!

But FEAR NOT! Because I’m here to help.

I’m offering Windows Phone Programming Tuition Service in Singapore. You can check out my price here:

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So what is Windows Phone Programming?

Windows Phone Programming is a software development process where new windows phone applications are created for the Windows Phone 8 Operating System. The application is suitable to run on Windows Phone OS devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you’ve previously developed any .NET or XAML apps, you can convey these skills to develop Windows Phone apps that use XAML for the UI and C# or Visual Basic for the backend code. The current version for the Window Phone Developer Toolkit is Windows Phone SDK 8.0, you can use it to develop useful apps for productivity, games and etc.

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Who should look for me?

My tuition assumes that you are an IT student who wants to learn Windows Phone Programming Skills and develop windows app using Microsoft Visual Studios. If you are facing difficulty in Programming Your First Window Phone Apps, you can look for me too. In my tuition, you will learn all the necessary skills to develop a windows phone application. I will guide you through a step-by-step approach to create your first application, from setup all the way to deployment of your app. All process will be guided by me without fail.

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Sample Windows Phone App Programming Lesson Plan (Subject to customization for individual student):

Lesson 1

You will learn to get the tools you need, build your first app, and test it on your own phone. If you don’t have a windows phone, you will be taught how to setup the emulator and test using it.

Lesson 2

You will learn how to designing windows apps. I will provide you with the introduction to XAML. You will learn about the platform, UI design fundamentals, and responsive design techniques.

Lesson 3

You will learn and understand XAML Layout and Events. I will also provide you with some sample layout template for you to learn.

Lesson 4

You will be learning Windows Phone Application Lifecycle. Application deactivation and reactivation. Fast Application Switching and Application Tombstone.

To be continued…

Show me the Price rates and Contact details

Your Sincerely,

Huang Junwei

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