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SEO Consultancy Services Singapore


My SEO Consultancy Services will give your website a boost in competitive advantage in the organic search results in major search engines such as Google especially, Yahoo and Bing.

I will first diagnose your on-page optimization such as website HTML structures and on-page links, then follow by examine your off-page optimization in link strategies. I will also study your competition and create a whole new customized SEO Strategy based on your needs and budget.

I will also help you identify how to out beat your competitor fast with potential long tail keywords that are untap, niche and profitable. I will also develop powerful link building strategies that will help you maintain a sustainable position in search results in the long run.

What does my consultancy services includes?
My SEO Consulting services includes the following:

  • On-Page Optimization which help you significantly boost your ranking in search engine. My SEO audit will create an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page optimization and locate immediate areas for fast improvement.
  • Keyword Research which helps you identify untap and potential keywords, which in terms may help you develop new business opportunities and expand your customer base. It can also help you identify your customer behavior which could in terms help you convert them better.
  • Customized SEO strategy just for you based on your needs and budget.
  • Competitive Analysis which identify your competitor’s strategy and use their every move to your advantage. By modelling after their move and re-invent new ways to outbeat their strategy.
  • Link building and Off-Page Optimization strategy which help you build high quality links. Craft supreme link building campaign which helps you stay on top of all competitors in the search results.

Why leverage on my expertises?

SEO techniques changes rapidly and you as a business owner does not have the luxury time to keep up with the updates. It is a very time consuming process to keep up with Google Search Engine changes each time they release the updates.

You as a businessman, needs to focus your time in developing and growing your business, thus it makes sense to hire an SEO expert like me to do the job for you.

But be careful who you are outsourcing to, there are so many self-proclaimed online marketing experts out there who ends up screwing up your sites. They are expert in using black hat tactics such as using link building automation software and algorithm chasing techniques to help your boost your site to the top result temporarily.

If all these are done incorrectly, Search Engine like Google might ends up penalizing your website!

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