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3 State of Awareness before Getting Started with Online Marketing

3 State of Awareness before Getting Started with Online Marketing

When getting started with internet marketing, the most important thing for any marketer is to be in the State of Awareness. The first thing is to be aware of who your customer is.

Well, it sounds simple but many marketers still fail at this simple step and make the same old mistake of selling a product or services without looking at who their customer is and what they really needed. In the end, wasted the 2 most important resources of their greatest asset, TIME and MONEY.

Before you jump right in to running your ultimate marketing campaign, take a step back to have a conversation with your customer. Ask them what they really need? Why are they buying your product? How did they find out about you? What value do they want to extract out of your product or services?

Create profiles of your customers. Segment them into different groups. Study them and you will learn that not all customers are created equal.

Additionally, start by marketing to a focus group of customers. There’s a saying that if all customers are your customers, no one is your customer.

You will be surprise how these simple steps could help save you from spending too much $ on the next marketing campaign.


The next thing to be aware of is the relationship you are building with your customer.

Marketing is a relationship building process between you and your customers conducted in an online or offline medium. If you think your sales copy or your content(your asset) is the KING, you are totally wrong. Relationship with your Customer is the ultimate KING!

Relationship helps you make a sale. Relationship helps you create viral marketing. Relationship helps you create your recurring income. Relationship is EVERYTHING you need in Business!


The last thing to be aware of is the VALUES you are giving to your customers.

When Michael Jordan was interviewed and asked how he became the world’s greatest basketball player. He replied that he expected more of himself than anyone would expect from him. When his coach wanted him to train 3 times a week, he train 5 times a week. When he was asked to score 15 points in game, he scored 36 points.

That’s the kind of value Michael Jordan is giving and that’s what makes him the greatest basketball players of all time! And that should be the kind of value you are providing to your customers!

Have you realise that whatever you do, whatever business you are in, there’s gonna be competition out there doing the same as what you do. Providing the same value as what you are providing to your customers. Be it you are selling clothes online, Amazon is competing with you and the blogshop that just started last week is offering the same or close to exactly the kind of product you are offering.

So how do you achieve competitive advantage? The answer is, go beyond what your client’s expectation! Be a value creator! When you highly exceed your customer’s expectation, you can charge a premium and they will still love you.

So 3 state of awareness for you to take away today, Customer, Relationship and Values.


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